To speak English or another language is fundamental to get a new job or to make career progress. How many job offers did you already see where English, French, Spanish, or another language, is required?

If you enjoy travelling, speak English or another language makes you feel more comfortable, with no fear to ask for indications or communicate in any situation.

If you are looking for specific information on the internet you will find a lot of information in English or in other languages.

There are lots of situations where a second language is needed and where it is a big advantage. Don’t stay behind!

To fulfil your needs, we have courses of all languages, for you as a private student or for your company.



Foreign languages are defined as a strategic priority for all the companies to have success in an economy more and more global. To this purpose it is needed an efficient communication!

Portuguese for foreigners is very important in a business context. Many multinational companies are based in Portugal and their staff employees are from many countries. Although the institutional language in companies is normally English, you still need to live in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and other countries where the official language is Portuguese.

Besides English, there are many other languages that are needed for the good functioning of companies like Spanish, French, German, etc.

Whatever is the need of your company, we have the right teachers for all languages.

With us the company staff will be able to:

Classes can take place in client facilities or in our school and can be in group or private.

The course and classes length, days of the week and schedule, depend on each client needs.

Approach and methodology

  • The first step is to do an online test to set the language level. Also, in the beginning, student’s needs are discussed;
  • A specific program is selected to fit the student’s needs and a manual is adopted;
  • The curriculum plan of each course is set according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • During the course, extra material is included to stimulate student’s participation and to turn it as practical as possible (case studies, role play, videos, audios, games, etc.);
  • Teachers are bilingual or native;
  • The Academic Coordinator supervises all the courses;
  • The client can have access to all course documents like lesson plans, attendance, tests, and evaluation reports;
  • A certificate is issued for each student that accomplishes the course successfully;
  • Customer Care Service – besides training high quality, we guarantee an excellent service even out of the classroom, by our professional and experienced team.


Private classes happen when you want!

It’s a program of individual classes, completely flexible to fit your needs in terms of schedule and specific vocabulary. Choose the number of hours (10 hours minimum) and the most convenient time.

With us you will be able to:

Approach and methodology

Face to face classes in school or at home and Skype also.

At first, students do a diagnosis test of the language they intend to study. After setting the level and understanding student’s needs, it must be decided which is the best program to be adopted.

The curriculum plan of each course is set according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

Different materials and resources are used during the course always bearing in mind the practice (case studies, role play, videos, audios, games, etc).

The teacher is always bilingual or native.