Highlighting the big benefits of language courses delivered via Skype

Modern technology – especially voice and video conferencing solutions – have completely and totally transformed the way that coaches go about delivering their help and guidance, opening up entire new opportunities with these tools that make learning, like new languages, as effortless as can be.

Here at AGILE TRAINING, Skype coaching is a big part of the language programs that we offer. Having the ability to speak directly with a language coach via Skype (on any of your favorite mobile devices or on your laptop/computer) gives you the opportunity to really immerse yourself in some of the most important fundamental aspects of learning a new language. You’re really able to hit the ground running!

The benefits of language courses delivered via Skype are innumerable, and we touch on some of the most important ones below!


Getting face time with a coach gives you instant corrections

Learning a new language online presents a variety of different challenges, not the least of which is that you are essentially self-directing your own language learning process. You are driving the bus, so to speak, and if you are messing up the pronunciation in your mind (simply because you’ve never spoken this language) you might continue to make these kinds of simple mistakes in your own world until someone corrects you in the real world.

By getting face time with a coach via Skype, you’re able to get immediate feedback and instant correction that will make your language learning process go a lot smoother – and a lot faster!


You’ll be able to dramatically speed your language learning process up

By taking advantage of Skype learning lesson for mastering a new language, you’re going to be able to dramatically speed up the process for mastering these languages in a way that just isn’t possible when you are the one directing your lessons independently.

A coach is going to be able to recognize where you are on the language learning spectrum, for example, helping you to move more quickly through material that you are mastering without a real difficulty while taking the time to slow things down and really cement critical lessons on material that you may be struggling with.

Again, this all goes back to tapping into the kind of feedback that coaching – life coaching via Skype – provides you with, the kind of feedback that you won’t ever get when you are self-directing your language education.


Accountability and reinforcement are big motivators and drivers of successful language learning programs

It’s really easy to have your motivation wane when you are struggling with new language materials, and it’s just as easy to allow your language learning practice sessions to slide by the wayside for a variety of different reasons when no one is holding you accountable.

With a Skype coach, however, you’re going to get immediate accountability with each and every individual Skype session – and that’s usually going to provide more than enough reinforcement for your lesson plans and plenty of motivation to push you to stay on schedule and develop your new language skills just as quickly as humanly possible.


Closing thoughts

Combine all of the advantages highlighted above with the convenience, the repetition, and the ability to record Skype sessions so that you can go back to these lessons again and again and it’s easy to see why so many of our AGILE TRAINING students choose to take advantage of the Skype coaching services we provide.

If you’re thinking about taking your language learning to the next level, inquire about these kinds of Skype coaching sessions for yourself and we will help make sure that you get the head start you deserve!