First intensive course in our new location

English A2 – pre-intermediate – SPECIAL PRICE OFFER

Attending an A2 level you will develop skills that will allow you to write simple notes and messages used in your daily needs, to talk about family in a simple way, academic journey, daily routines, to read small and simple texts, to find information in ads, restaurant menus, schedules and communication comprehension with vocabulary related to personal interests.

To complete one language level, it requires 80 hours of training. This 40-hour course will already allow you to develop new skills and then you can continue and acquire 40 hours more to complete the A2 level.

Some students still prefer to enrol in annual courses and do a full level, however some of them end up giving up because of the long months of classes needed to complete a full level.

With this 40-hour intensive course, you will complete half a level in about a month and a half, and then, if you can proceed to complete the full level, it will also be very fast!

Our special offer:

40 HOURS—260€ (original student book and workbook included)

  • Regular price 350€ (without original books included)
  • Registration fee 25€
  • Starting May 7th and finishing June 26th
  • Classes will be interrupted on the week of the Lisbon holiday (June 11th to June 15th)
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm to 9pm
  • Registrations until April 30th