When we work in certain fields, we acquire vocabulary of these same fields over time. Normally such learning on-site work takes time and if we need to use specific vocabulary for a report or presentation and if we do not know, we are transmitting a bad image.

On the other hand, if we go to another job, there is again the need of learning another kind of vocabulary. Our language needs change over time. Even in the mother tongue, we can never have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the words and we are always learning even if we aren’t aware of it. In a second language, when we begin studying, our vocabulary range increases exponentially in a very fast way and when we have an advanced level, we begin to notice new words of less common use and start enjoying using them in the correct context.

This extension of vocabulary is of utmost importance to the professional daily life for different reasons. Or because they need it to perform their duties on a daily basis, or because they need it for presentations, reports or emails, meetings and negotiations.

Management areas, marketing, human resources, sales, finance and health are the most sought after by our students. The health sector in its various aspects, is also very requested. However, there are other equally important sectors.

Answering the phone may seem a basic task, but it is extremely important in a company. Empathy has to be immediately created, it leaves a mark on the person on the other side and passes an image that must always be positive. There are specific vocabulary and expressions that we use in addressing the calls and it varies depending on the type of business.

Other important areas are the presentations, negotiation and even socializing. There are many businesses that happen outside the company, informal dinners and meetings. In these situations you need to know how to have a conversation in a second language, speak at ease and empathize using the right words.

In AGILE TRAINING, we use specific books to help the students to memorize new vocabulary and use it in different situations. Currently, there are manuals of all professional fields, prepared by scholars who devoted part of their life to the study of languages. These books include multiple sectors within a company, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced level. The most common languages, English, French, German and Spanish, have specific targeted manuals for business.

In addition to the books in the classroom, it is important to pay attention and look for news related to the business theme. It is very easy to find articles online or in newspapers and magazines. Reading is fundamental for learning as well as listening. Having the TV tuned in foreign news channels is a very easy way to learn and memorize new words.

With the teacher’s help and the use of techniques that will help to memorize, and also doing written and oral exercises, students will be able to expand their vocabulary, to progress rapidly and be able to excel in business.