Your Official Results

When you complete a course at a certain level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2), you will receive an official language certificate that confirms the level of your language skills in a professional context. This certificate is included in your course and will be saved securely in your account as a PDF.

New Opportunities

Acquiring a new language opens doors and leads to new opportunities. Thousands of international companies and institutions often require language certificates in order to meet the language criteria as part of the job application process. Adding an AGILE TRAINING certificate to your CV will boost your career options. Our certificates are accepted by immigration authorities as a proof of your language skills for visa purposes.

International Standards

AGILE TRAINING courses and certificates follow international standards and are in line with CEFR. They demonstrate your language skills in terms of speaking, reading, listening and writing at six reference levels ranging from A1 to C2. The Common European Framework of reference for Languages (CEFR) was created by the council of Europe as an international standard in order to make different language learner’s knowledge comparable worldwide.

For certificates issurance students must have in each training course, an attendance of 70% or more and a positive evaluation.