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April 2018

First intensive course in our new location


First intensive course in our new location English A2 – pre-intermediate – SPECIAL PRICE OFFER Attending an A2 level you will develop skills that will allow you to write simple notes and messages used in your daily needs, to talk about family in a simple way, academic journey, daily routines, to read small and simple texts, to find information in [...]

First intensive course in our new location2018-04-05T13:13:07+00:00

March 2018



OFFER OF TWO COURSES OF 20 HOURS SKYPE CLASSES To celebrate our 50th anniversary and the launch of Skype classes, we decided to offer two 20-hour Skype classes. To apply, simply complete the application form by March 28th. This offer is limited for classes in English, Spanish and Portuguese for foreigners. How does it work? Complete the registration form [...]


February 2018

Highlighting the big benefits of language courses delivered via Skype


Highlighting the big benefits of language courses delivered via Skype Modern technology – especially voice and video conferencing solutions – have completely and totally transformed the way that coaches go about delivering their help and guidance, opening up entire new opportunities with these tools that make learning, like new languages, as effortless as can be. Here at AGILE TRAINING, Skype coaching [...]

Highlighting the big benefits of language courses delivered via Skype2018-02-16T00:15:27+00:00

December 2017

Work successfully in a multicultural environment


With globalization, borders almost don’t exist and the exchange of people, goods and services, has become a reality. Companies started to become international, the need to move specialized staff to other countries is common. Especially in Europe, with the open borders, it is normal to find in a company, people of various nationalities. Normally, English is the language that everyone needs [...]

Work successfully in a multicultural environment2018-02-14T16:19:46+00:00

Expand your professional vocabulary


When we work in certain fields, we acquire vocabulary of these same fields over time. Normally such learning on-site work takes time and if we need to use specific vocabulary for a report or presentation and if we do not know, we are transmitting a bad image. On the other hand, if we go to another job, there is again the [...]

Expand your professional vocabulary2018-02-17T17:14:22+00:00

Improve your grammar


Many people find that studying grammar is a boring thing, that it is a lot of work and that they can learn a language without studying. Yes, it is possible if you live in a country dealing with natives every day. In that case yes, you will end up learning only by practice. But in your country it’s different because you [...]

Improve your grammar2018-02-18T20:06:37+00:00

Improve your writing, including emails


Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for learning a language, especially to learn how to write. You don’t learn a language without studying and practice. It is when we write and correct the mistakes that we learn progressively. In addition to the vocabulary, we need to know that to build a sentence it is necessary to study grammar, its rules, and [...]

Improve your writing, including emails2018-02-17T17:39:40+00:00

Participate easily and successfully in meetings, presentations and negotiation


You've probably heard of someone who took the opportunity to climb the career ladder, but the new role meant to have international contacts, attend meetings or make presentations in a second language. In other words, it was necessary to speak another language and this person had a very basic level and lost the opportunity. It can happen to someone you know, [...]

Participate easily and successfully in meetings, presentations and negotiation2018-02-14T16:37:48+00:00

Communicate with more confidence


With globalization, travel has become a habit for many people. When we travel we always come across situations where we are forced to speak. Often when we do not know the language of the country we are visiting, we try to make ourselves understood in any way, often using gestures and drawings. Other times we say words that have nothing to [...]

Communicate with more confidence2018-02-16T00:32:35+00:00
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